Micro Spectre

MicroSPECTRE has been designed as a smaller version of our flagship SPECTRE board. MicroSPECTRE has the same autopilot algorithms and capabilities as the SPECTRE, but less I/O and a smaller size. The board outline is 71 x 46 mm, smaller than a business card! This board is capable of controlling a twin motor vessel, and has the following specifications:


Mechanical 45.7 x 71 mm PCB
Power supply 8 to 28V
Typical current draw (no external IO load) 45mA
Serial I/O 5 serial ports
Digital I/O

8 x I/O 3.3V or 5V selectable.

4 outputs may be configured for PWM output

Analogue In 4 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, 0V to +10V
Analogue out 2 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, 0 to 5V
On board sensors Gyro stabilised compass with roll and pitch rates
Product flyer MicroSPECTRE


The IO of the MicroSPECTRE can be expanded by using the GENIE modules, adding 8 x 12 bit analogue inputs, 8 x 12 bit analogue outputs, 8 digital inputs, and 8 digital outputs, using one serial port. Up to 15 GENIE cards can be added onto one bus, providing up to 120 analogue inputs and outputs, and digital inputs and outputs.