H-Scientific Ltd (HSL) offer a low cost method of vessel testing re: ShipSim and AUVsim

H Scientific ltd (HSL) are one of the leaders in the field of ship simulation.  It supported the development, testing and accreditation of the ship control systems with the world's only off-the-shelf marine simulator supporting the ISO11674, ISO16329 and IEC62065 standards for heading and track control systems. H Scientific authored the IEC62065 mathematical model.

HSL now offer both a ShipSim and AUVSim which allows autopilot and vessel designers the ability to simulate the vessel control and dynamics prior to committing to expensive sea trials. Both simulators have a strong track record in helping to accelerated development and keeping the cost down.

HSL’s founder, Dr Henry Robinson, states ‘..with an increase in the number of autonomous vessels being designed and the increased cost of sea trials and the resultant delays in the time to market, we offer a cost effective aid to the design process, it’s a proven way to optimise the design’

Existing customers of ShipSim version 2 or lower are now being offered a discount for upgrading to the newer ShipSim3 which has increased functionality and speed. To see more details click on ShipSim 3 


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