The Datalogger can be used to log many parameters during a sea trial, or as part of permanent scientific equipment. After the trial the data can be examined to determine that devices are operating correctly. The Datalogger has the following features:

  • Data saved in CSV or TXT files, up to 32GB microSD supported
  • 4 x serial inputs, up to 5,000 characters per second on each port
    • Serial port log file stores every character received
    • Up to 4 group log files, each of which is configured to record specific NMEA sentences from any of the serial ports, triggered on a specific sentence, or at a set frequency
  • 4 x 12 bit analogue inputs
  • 8 x digital inputs, 4 of which can be used for timer inputs to measure PWM signals or pulses
  • Configurable with a Bluetooth module for remote monitoring and data extraction
  • Command link to start, stop, and monitor data logging. Fully compatible with SPECTRE and RCW
  • Can be powered from a single cell Li-Po, with facility to recharge when external power is available

An intuitive front end software has been written to access all the parameters, configure the groups, and retrieve the data. The data can also be easily extracted by removing the SD card.


Mechanical 90 x 96 mm PCB
Power supply 9 to 18V
Typical current draw (no external IO load) 50mA at 12V
Serial I/O 4 x RS232 serial ports
Digital I/O

8 x 5V digital inputs.

4 inputs may be configured to measure

PWM signals or time pulses

Analogue In 4 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, -10V to +10V
On board sensors Gyro stabilised compass with roll and pitch rates
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