Logging data during sea trials can be complicated - data comes from a number of sources, such as several serial ports (e.g. GPS, compass data) and analogue and digital data - and it is often desirable to annotate the stages of the trial, for example, the time at which different parts of the trial were initiated.

Example of Datalogger software

The Marine Datalogger was developed for logging data from different sources, including serial data from instruments, digital and analogue data, during sea trials. It is an invaluable tool because it substantially reduces the task of combining information from a number of instruments.

Marine Datalogger's features include:

  • Multiple ports fully supported - multiple ports logged, with different settings.
  • Range of input interfaces supported - all NMEA sentances can be decoded, plus INS, TCM2, PD6, FOG, Digiquartz 8000, GX1, GX3, and AIS.
  • AIS interface supported - AIS data can be decoded and logged.
  • Analogue and Digital input interface - using H Scientific's GENIE board.
  • User friendly GUI - the data is displayed on the user-defined instrument console and on the wireframe vehicle view. The console can be designed and developed by the user to ensure that the required data is displayed. During trials, the console edition mode can be disabled so that no unwanted changes are made to the display.
  • File formats for datalogging - include text file or in a Matlab .MAT file for post-trials processing.
  • On screen annotation - the user can add their own waypoints to the vehicle view screen to clarify the trials area or view the vehicle on a chart background.
  • Voice annotation can be used to note events occuring during the trial.
  • Equally applicable to flight test datalogging and other trials logging.

For smaller installations where communications to a PC are not always possible, we have developed the single board Datalogger to meet these needs.