Sea Shadow Diver Propulsion VehicleNavigation underwater is a very difficult task. To calculate the position after some time submerged, the diver needs to know the speed and direction of the currents as well as the velocity achieved through the water.

H Scientific have developed and tested PHANTOM - a Diver Navigational Unit. This unit comprises a suite of sensors to measure:

  • Water currents,
  • Depth below the surface,
  • Altitude above the seabed,
  • Attitude (roll and pitch) and heading,
  • Speed through water,
  • Position (when surfaced).

The on-board computer combines the data from the sensors to give a graphical and numerical display of the diver's position and progress through a pre-programmed mission, using electronic charts. The sensor data can be logged to a data file and the mission progress can be recorded and replayed later for de-briefing purposes. The navigation unit can be used to control the propulsors, allowing autopilot control of the vehicle.

The unit is supplied fitted to a custom built pressure housing, with marinised cables and instrumentation.

Diver Navigation Unit under test

Phantom Diver Navigation Unit