This standalone module offers a simple solution for gathering data from remote sensors using satellite communications. Up to 4 serial devices, 8 digital lines and 4 analogue channels may be monitored, as well as internal gyrostabilised magnetic heading data. Sensor data may be sent back in raw form, or in some cases compressed for minimum bandwidth usage. Up to 20kB of data may be stored on board, then sent back over Iridium RUDICS to a remote server. Transfers may be triggered manually, by timeout, or when a sensor buffer “high water mark” is reached.


Satcomms Data Harvester

Using our tried and tested Iridium communications, the Satellite Data Harvester is perfect for use in remote locations, far away from conventional radio range and power. Low power optimisation has been implemented. The power to the satellite modem can be set to be turned on and off using our PMM cards at a set frequency and duration to enable the data to be sent back to the internet server software over the satellite network. The rest of the time the power to the satellite modem can be switched off, and power to scientific instruments can be turned on and off based on requirements. Solar panels can also be used to charge lead acid batteries if the location permits.



Mechanical 46 x 71 mm PCB
Power supply 8 to 28V
Current at 12V 45 mA (no external load or outputs)
Serial I/O

4 RS232 serial ports - RS232/RS422/TTL

converters on request

Digital I/O 8 digital I/O
Analogue In 4 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, 0V to +10V
Analogue Out 2 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, 0V to 5V
On board sensors Gyro stabilised compass with roll and pitch rates
Datalink Iridium RUDICS, 2400bps when transmitting
Automatic modem handshaking
Data compression (on selected sensor interfaces)
Server: Windows PC connected via Static IP to internet
Data access: via remote login.
Front end Windows utility supplied.

GENIE cards:

  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 8 x 12 bit differential analogue inputs +/- 5V or +/- 10V
  • 8 analogue outputs +/- 5V or +/- 10V
  • Up to 15 cards on one bus


  • Intelligent power control and monitoring
  • 6 channels, up to 2.4A per channel, 10A maximum per card
  • Configurable current trip level on each channel
  • Configurable retires after a trip
  • Up to 8 PMMs per RS422 bus
  • Higher voltage and current options available